Taming the Keyboard Tongue

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There is something about social media that encourages normally tongue-tied people to freely express their opinions. I often wonder if they were standing in front of 150 or so people would they use the same words? Would they speak out? I am often surprised when people I have known for years suddenly passionately proclaims to be an expert on something I have never heard them speak about. It is unfortunate that many of these are unconsidered opinions. They see something online and without much thought basically jump into bed with whomever. Those who claim to be believers in Christ are not immune. We are prone to rant and rave, act superior and misquote Scripture at every seemly worthy cause. (this is my cue to quote Scripture correctly) James 3:8 tells us that, “but no man can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil full of deadly poison.”  We should consider our written or spoken words as potentially untamed deadly poison.

In the world of digital communication, we often hide behind our phone, tablet or computer. It feels safe, comfortable. I am not going to suggest we listen passively as others promote things out of line with our beliefs or passions. There are many times when we are called to be bold. I will suggest we take a moment before responding. Pray. This is where I resist the urge to pray for smart witty words that will put someone in their place. Instead, I have been asking for a genuine love for others.  To be a peacemaker. For the self-control to keep quiet or the wisdom to use words that will not bring harm. Our world is fast. We are programmed to think quick is good. And I will admit that I enjoy a quick witty response. We must remember that the printed word can carry more weight than spoken words and are more easily misunderstood. As believers, we must always honor God as well as others. The keyboard is a powerful tongue. Let us use our power for good not evil.

2 thoughts on “Taming the Keyboard Tongue

  1. I love this and agree wholeheartedly! We’ve become a society who allows social media to control our wounds. Instead of taking the time to think and pray, we lash out and spew words of pain and hatred.

    So good to see you on wordpress! Looking forward to reading more of your posts! 🙂


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