Cancer. Again.

IMG_6711It is hard not to feel just a bit put out. Like maybe I have done something wrong or failed to do something right. The ongoing frustration of not being able to stop the ride. I could be angry but I don’t know where to direct said anger. As a believer it is easy to say that God has a plan. But it is often difficult to feel completely on board when you don’t have the whole plan laid out in front of you. When life feels like a detour. Thyroid cancer is supposed to be a good one. Easily overcome.  But that just isn’t my experience. The introvert in me wants to hide away and quietly consider my situation. But that just isn’t working for me. So, what is a girl to do?  I will hold tight to my purpose -to know God, love Him, enjoy Him and glorify Him. And with that foundation I will take some advise given to me a few cancers ago, blog.  Phew, never thought I’d say that. I would love for you to come along side me. I apologize ahead for my bad grammar, rants, whining, periodic embarrassment and dry humor. I am thankful for this opportunity. As I begin my forth round of thyroid cancer, my goal is transparency and always to make you and Jesus smile.

In faith, Deanna


10 thoughts on “Cancer. Again.

  1. I’m glad you’re doing this-for you & those who love you.You’re good with words & expressing your thoughts. I look forward to journeying with you and praying for and with you. Say what you need to say…


  2. Dearest Deanna

    I am honored to come along for the rough ride even in this small way. I do want to hear the rants and the whining and the dry humor, when you have the strength to whine. When you don’t, you throw us a one-liner like “just pray, OK!” or even a one-worder like “ugh” and it will be our turn to be strong for you.
    You already bring glory to God just in this.
    This is not fair because it does not prove how loved you are. I pray it will however become fair when God gives you every bit of grace you need.
    Much love!!!
    P.S. I LOVE hospitals, so of you ever need a hospital run buddy, let me know.


    • Thank you so much for the encouragement! It is exciting to embark on a new blogging journey even though the cost may be great. Know that your journey helps me to stand in the power of our mighty God!
      Love from your sister in Christ!


  3. Keeping you in thought and prayer that with faith and hope His power and grace will conquer and sustain you. Keep blogging and getting your feelings out! ❤️

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