To Make A Long Story Short Part 4a


I realize I skipped part 3. I will come back to it I promise. It is just that part 4 feels really fresh. It is nowhere near over so hence the a. It begins in November 2018. 2018 was a year fraught with unwanted change and grief. I was ready to be done with it. Through it all I appeared to be managing my health really well. I had a rough spell in April that required an adjustment in my meds. Other than that things were looking good. A colonoscopy showed my colon to look “just like a colon is supposed to look.” I was managing my nutrition and exercise well. I wasn’t experiencing low calcium symptoms. I was feeling pretty darn good. I was. In November I had a routine ultrasound that came back suspicious. I went for a biopsy and Dr E told me immediately that it was Cancer. Dr. N called me and wanted me to see my surgeon who sent me for a CT scan. Dr O called and wanted me to consult with specialist in NC. I have a consultation with Dr S that gives me an overload of information. Dr S wants me to see a thyroid specialist but I am unable to get an appointment. In the meantime my insurance will not approve my PET scan. I have another utrasound. Dr S is concerned about the location of the tumor and damage to a nerve if he operates. He still wants me to see Dr H the thyroid specialist to see if she could do an Alcohol Ablation. Christmas is upon us so I go home and wait upon the powers that be.

At the first of the year I am finally able to get an appointment on January 29 with Dr H in her new office in Charleston, SC. It is a three week wait. For the last month I have scheduled my clients appointments telling them I might have to move them. I continue to do this. Husband has been on jury duty since October and has had alot going on at work. We are dealing with lots of unsettledness. I feel like I can’t commit to anything because I don’t know what I will need to do. I like having a plan. I am willing to deviate but I want something to deviate from. I trust God. I trust His plan for me. Often it isn’t exactly clear what I am supposed to do. I think for believers knowing Gods will through the details is often quite difficult. Do I go left or right? Wait or move ahead? I wish God functioned like Alexa. I could just say, “Father, what do you want me to do today?” And then hear His audible voice. Sigh. I know to consult His Word. But it fails to give me the details of left or right. What His Word does tell me is who He is. And without knowing who He is I could never begin to know His will. So in my struggle to make decisions and to actively wait, I will rest in who He is. Father, Savior, Redeemer, Healer, Provider, Omnipresent, Omniscient, just to name a few.

I saw Dr H in Charleston. I admit I have a dr-crush on her. She is caring, smart and pretty. She did a very through ultrasound and reviewed my medical history as well as my current regimen. Unfortunately she did not think I was a good candidate for the alcohol ablasion. It is just too close to that darn nerve. She reviewed my past records from 2005 and consulted with my three other doctors (crush!). Conclusion: The plan is to see if I can “uptake” radioactive iodine to shrink the tumors. And so I wait for insurance approval and further direction as I focus on who God is.

In faith, Deanna

10 thoughts on “To Make A Long Story Short Part 4a

  1. Glad to know what’s going on with you. Sorry it was not the news you wanted but we just have to believe everything for a reason. Sorry you have to have the other treatment. I hope it goes well. Stay strong as you always are and keep that great sense of humor you have. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Keep us updated. Call the state insurance commissioner and complain about the PET Scan
    and tell them with your past history you want to have and see if they might help. Can’ hurt might help.

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  2. Deanna, you’ve been on my heart this week in a significant way. Your update is informative and I’m praying that insurance approval will be quick in their approval. Also prayers for complete eradication of this recurrence with uptake. Also prayers that God showers you with His love and grace. Love you.

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  3. Deanna, I’m so glad to get this update! I can’t believe you’ve had to wait so long to just find out what your options are! I thought you couldn’t take any more of the iodine radiation. I love you and continue to carry you in my heart and in my prayers! Carolyn


  4. Thanks for the update Deanna! It’s wonderful to know you have a very caring doctor looking out for you. I continue to pray for you as you make this journey….not alone, but with God guiding you each and every day. See you soon!

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  5. Rest in who He is, at all times and in every season. I have also wanted an “Alexa” or Google Home” type answer at different times in my life. God does deliver, restores and heals, in so many ways. I’m so glad He provided a caring and detailed doctor to guide you through this time. Praying for you to receive answers, healing, comfort and rest. Love and hugs to you.

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  6. Praying for complete healing this time! You have struggled with this for so long but we do know who our God is and He is a BIG God! He can surely cure you quickly and completely!! And He can take care of the insurance approval for the needed testing and procedures too. I will be lifting you up in prayer sweet friend and thank you for sharing so that others can help lift you up. Love you!

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  7. Thank you for the update, Deanna. How frustrating. You know Rhenda says it correctly, our God is a big God, bigger than we can imagine. He will take care of us in his way. Love and prayers to you and Mark

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